Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Neckbreaker's final session

Monday, August 28, 2006

Sessions(day and night), mystery tiles and Dorney Park!

veggie-kabobs. first meal on the new grill

the Neckbreaker's days are numbered. hey homeboy, didja grind the wall yet? Turtzo with an front lip.

Tim mans the filmer's perch aka the crow's nest

nevermind Dave. peep the sky. A+ for composition and use of color.

met up with Jugz for a short FDR mini session

turned out there was a crust punk show going on

you've probably seen this before but now that I have a digital camera I just wanna document stuff so when I'm 80 I can look at these pictures and remember how I never did one memorable thing at this park.

then we headed in towards the city. next stop, IKEA manual pads. again, note the use of color in the following pictures. trust me, I went to school for this stuff.

post session sweat contest. I lose. Jim wins (everytime).

"dude, lemme see that camera".


"Old English filled my mind
And I came up with a funky rhyme"

for some reason whenever I hear Elvis Costello I always think of that shitty movie 200 Cigarettes and that scene where Martha Plimpton licks the dip off his glasses that he left at the party. that movie seriously sucks. I'd much rather remember her as Stef Steinbrenner in the Goonies.

IN KUbricK's 2001
ON PLANET JUPiTER. (look it up)

the slappy curbs!

killing time = bust out the cruiser

Horrorscope! (3 people will get this reference)

according to the websites i've visited, the orbs are spectors

afterhours session at the Fishtown park

style counts

the self timer allowed me to capture some of the raw sickness I unleashed on the turtle shell. poser of the month or skate to create?

we barged the Combat Zone ramp and then smashed the place up just to be dicks.

nocturnal nose manual before we call it a night

the next day we FINALLY made it to Dorney Park. the weather looked sketchy but after bailing out last week and some convincing from Van Pollard in the morning we decided to roll up. glad we did! the weather held out and the crowds were thin. haven't been here since college. my fear of coasters came back to haunt me and i almost had a coronary in line for the very first one. once we took the first hill and got the first loop out of the way i was good to go. Let's do Dorney!

it was just like i remembered it!

Don had to piss since we left Philly and Chris doesn't do "spinny things" so they sat this one out.

"the cable snapped! Oh shiiiitttt!"

Pank got a new camera. supposedly he's starting on the blog tip as well.

three troublemakers

Ami changed her mind about going on the ride as soon as we took off.

Don was bummed. if only he had a neck he would've been tall enough to ride. we snuck him on anyway.

full boat. "dude I'm gonna hurl!"

"oh shit we lost Don! man overboard!" guess those height restrictions really do serve a purpose.

"there goes Sam too! everyone abandoned ship but yours truly...pussies"

a street fight erupted right in front of us while we were in the line for the Music Express! i coulda got real action shots but for some reason I felt kinda shitty documenting it. i mean there were kids in strollers and an old lady in a wheel chair right next to them for christ's sake.

the boys in blue showed up with guns blazing

we FINALLY get on the ride and start stomping our feet and rattling the bars cuz we were so amped. the ride operator was taking FOREVER to start us up and before we knew it, everyone else started stomping along with us. mutiny on the Music Express!

Mrs. Pollard tried to stay in her car and sneak another ride in

while the others went on the Revolutionizer..., Sam and Pank hit up the Scrambler and kicked it old school.

"hey you should hold the camera out in front of us and take a picture of yourself looking really douchey" "wow that's a really good idea, here goes"

we still had time to kill cuz everyone else was still in line so Chris and i hit up the Monster

it was close quarters to say the least

i helped Chris locate the nearest restroom while we waited for the ride to start up since the Monster definitely fell under the category of "spinny things" which don't agree with his equilibrium.

"WHHOOOOAAAA! We're going ballistic Mav!"

these are the kids who were gonna "Star Wars our asses" on the ride.

everyone who rode the Revolutionator gave it two thumbs up

it was getting towards last call so we hit up Steel Force for the 2nd time. no line at all! we walked right on. Nate recommended sitting in the very back so the weight of the rest of the cars would sort of catapult us over the crest of the first drop.

ladies only session on the Scrambler

then we literally ran all the way to the total opposite corner of the park to hit the Talon one more time for the last ride of the night. we waited for the front cars. it was worth it.

we're up next...

Nate, Deanna and Pank. (it might be hard to see but checkout Nate with the "Grip of Fear", he has a season pass so he knew were the cameras were)

me, Don and the "Grip of Queer". pic of the night for sure.

The Van Pollards take it off and strap it in.


next year we're hitting Walley World!

if it weren't for the all the UFC logos this scenario would look a little suspect

what better way to cap off the night than a couple rounds of Ginger Ales and some nachos