Tuesday, April 17, 2007

hella spots!/dogs!/intense beach action!

saturday to do list. let's go!


don't even bother gettin' out of the car here unless you got your cruiser set up

at a spot like this the TASK for the day was just to simply transfer the spine

done and done

can't believe I never saw this before...

the basement

you can have it...

wall of death

stocking up for the first BBQ of the season

curbdog. get some!

who's got the slant to slant?

"hare krishnas stay away, 'cuz 18 bands are gonna play!"

Chauncey wanted in on the 'Q.

Repo Man, "Look at 'em, ordinary fucking people, I hate 'em."

Mazzy tagged along on an early morning flea market mission to Jake's.

a random hunch led us to this...

I have yet to master the 10 second timer self portrait trick shot.

hit and run. in and out in 5. went frontside...all that matters.

pit stop followed by an old spot


Beware: lots of dog shots to follow

Rye's turn on the ring


Went to see the Boat House on the way home.

if you pull over to take a pic, make sure you check the shoulder first

Back to the Beach!

fuck yes.

(mental note: when riding bikes on the boardwalk, wear longer shorts)


then I got amped and went Pee Wee

Helltrack pose.

status: comatose. I love the beach.