Friday, April 08, 2011

LOMO zone/Self Concious/dogs/bike rides/Tough Mudder

I forget how exactly I came across this image. judging by the weights in the corner, I'd say browsing eBay. most likely shopping for fanny packs. anyway, this exact poster graced my walls for many, many years growing up and I was stoked to find a pic of it. i thought the girl in the middle was so hot.

finally finished a roll of film i started this past winter. this is my first LOMO zone in awhile.
christmas time in NYC

the Beefy building by central park

in high school, i probably would've gotten an A+ in Moxey's photo class for this shot.

Raymond Pettibon show in Chelsea

same roll of film but now we're back to just a few months ago when Brian was assembling the barn for his art show.

the hounds were there

then I finally picked it up again just 2 weeks ago for a dog walk with Brian and Don at Bear Creek.

later that day Don and I explored a train tunnel we used to rappel at in junior high.

on a bike ride with dave and kim from south philly to fishtown, then back to south philly, then back to fishtown, then back to south philly

now it's back to strictly digital. this is my favorite skatespot in philly.

session at the white whale before the Self Conscious show.

being punk means you leave the box at home.

my view of the sick of it all cover. did i ever tell you how much i love dreadlocks?

Self Conscious

photoshoot on the river. nice to get out of the office once in awhile.

spent a couple days helping Dave build a set in Norristown. that was a memorable weekend.

that's 2 boot casualties in a month.

hour 17 of a 20 hour day

I got a text from Don saying he was looking to do some technical hiking. my response, "you got it bro!"

we also wanted to scope some of the obstacles for the tough mudder the following week. the sweaty yeti was looking good. (note: these overlap with some of the LOMO pics above)

not gonna lie, we had a little scare when we were in the middle. turns out the sound we were hearing was coming from the road above us but for about a minute or so i totally thought we were gonna get Browered.

the next day was for riding bikes

and for exceeding my recommended caloric intake tenfold

toe update...looking good!

next weekend, more dog walks. first with Brian in Vera Cruz...

...then with mom on south mountain

the next day was the tough mudder so I crashed early. up at 5 to get ready. luckily the Insanity infomercial was on to get me psyched for the day!

i was totally running low on tees so i called Shaun T. posthaste

Brian pulled in the driveway at 6 and we were pedaling to the mountain by 6:15

"dude you missed my wheelie"

Whaddya wanna see? miami hopper or a cherry picker?

we got there and found Mental J in the Vegan Treats van. I felt bad taking a pic when he was obviously immersed in deep mental preparation.

The Floozies were ready

Brian and Bear Claw from Jeremiah Johnson

enough of this hanging around shit! off to the starting gate. this year was almost 4 miles longer and had way more obstacles than last year. I carried a camera with me again and tried to document the run as best I could.

first up was the death march. it was lot muddier and snowier than last year. the snow gun blasting you in the face from 10 feet off the trail ensured that you were drenched within the first 5 minutes of the run.

up and over the sweaty yeti

strategy for the slip and slide?

nah, fuck it

lock in the hubs, time to ascend the 'Squatch

something went wrong and we kinda actually exhibited behavior similar to teamwork

the boa constrictor is where shit got real

close quarters with rocks, mud and cold water. no way to avoid it, you were gonna wet and scraped up. here's brian coming out of the first section (there were 2). the streaks are from the snow gun that was blowing straight across the water onto you. you dropped into about a 2' pool of mud and water before you had to climb back into the second section. fun!

i tried to make Brian a little more visible in this one. i'm pissed (but not surprised) my lense was coated in mud at this point. unfortunately i didn't have time to properly prepare for his exit.

then it was into the woods for a couple miles. when we finally emerged, we were met with a dumpster being continuously stocked with ice cubes, red dye and the stems and remnants of the hot peppers you were handed and supposed to eat before you jumped in. after his dry heaves subsided, Brian was the first to take the plunge.

the water obstacles usually mean it's time to fly the flag

everybody was vomiting from the peppers at this point

Metal J got behind the lense to document the plunge




yes, the water was cold

emerging from the muddy mile (you can kinda see one of the pools in the background)

Brian gets an A for effort but an F for execution on the greased monkey bars.

under the wire

there were lots of fun obstacles i didn't document cuz i only had 24 shots to spread out throughout the whole run so here we are at the last one. lots of wires, random ones had 10,000 volts running through them. it was fun. i'm sure you can find lots of videos on youtube of people going through it.

last stretch

note my expensive camera strap

tight crew. thanks to Brian, Matt, Metal J and Danielle from Vegan Treats. had a blast.

stopped back at my parent's just to use the powder room

since I'm sure I'll need another embroidered, orange headband, I'll be back next year