Monday, March 08, 2010

IT GOES ON final prep & opening/ship graveyard/first BBQ of the season

time to gussy up the wall for the window display

cooking up the wheat paste, and dinner

shhh, don't tell my landlord

i was tossing and turning all night. i felt it needed "more"

covering up the first stencil. it was too pussy. go big or go home.

back on knees with the blade

next morning, ready to load up

fast forward to that night. up at the shop for the set up. Po proves it ain't all glamour and glitter in the business world. websites and blogs don't update themselves. shoot tee shirt. upload. repeat.

I hadn't really "done" math since 1995 and I suck at spacial relations to begin with so before I even hammered the first nail, by trying to figure out picture spacing, my brain felt like it had been standing in a Higgins boat approaching the beach on D-Day. This is may be a bit of an exaggeration but at the same time I feel it's a 100% accurate description.

Matt lends a hand on the big prints

1:00 am. done. although as you will see, this would all change.

onto the window. Po helps figure out the angles.

tying up "Ray" with 20 lb. monofilament

nothing beats vegan donuts at 1:30 in the morning for dinner.

another restless night. I was relieved the photos were on the wall but I didn't feel the wall was "complete". I knew I could do better. that being decided, nothing left to do but go back to Homebase bright and early, take everything down and start over. Yay!

thanks to Ron for sending me these Iphone pics he snapped since I didn't even take my camera out during the actual opening.

thanks to everyone that came out that night. I caught up with some friends I hadn't seen in a long time. BIG ups to Po, Homebase, Josh and the LVAN for all their help. you can see Po's recap of the whole night here. Happy Belated Ballins.

emptying my pockets before hitting the sheets and found my parking ticket and a note from Tom. great night.

then it was off to the ship graveyard! I found out about this place almost 4 years ago and had been trying to get there ever since. finally made it and it was fucking awesome. here's the view through the reeds before you start the journey.

getting closer

each step felt so sketchy. the reeds, wood and garbage were deep enough so you were walking on dry "land" but everystep you'd sink in a little more and I was just waiting for my foot to break through into the marsh, mud and filthy water.

where are my 17 pairs of boots when I need them?

I had read that you had to watch the tide because if it comes in and you're out too far...start swimming

final obstacle to negotiate

one of the riskier self portraits I've taken. trying to get the angle I thought I was gonna get dunked for sure

Phew! made it.

time to climb aboard

you definitely needed to baby step it. some boards that looked solid where nothing more than a layer of splinters and I was really trying to avoid taking the drop/plunge into the water below. I stuck to the cross supports and felt relatively safe.

that's not a bridge, that's a bunch of termites holding

how much you wanna bet there's a leg still attached to that size 11?

Deth Kult, where do I sign?

It was hard to tell where one boat ended and the next one started

I ventured out onto this "deck" a bit but the wood seemed way too thin. couldn't tell what was underneath and figured it wasn't worth the risk. wish i could have gotten closer to take some more shots of the 2 tug boats or yachts or whatever they were sinking in the background though.

gives a whole new meaning to walk the plank

on a bed of nails is where I lay my head

back in Philly for the first BBQ of the season

I was in charge of setting the table

dig in! you never know where you're next one's coming from

Chauncey wanted in on the grub

gracious hosts

"seconds? why not? i'm starving"

Kim contemplates her to-do list

Keeper of the Sharpened Knives revisited