Friday, June 18, 2010

river exploration/eats/color studies (bored after shopping for air conditioners at Target)/the ramp

port side lung cage says no regrets but only time will tell

urban exploration part trois with Dave


found it

the Tornado of Knives, Dangers of Tinnitus PSA

the key is to talk to them every morning

occasionally i decide to eat

Gwendolyn said it best

eBay modeling

one keeps me informed of what's on the menu board at JB's, the other barks at my skateboard

plastic surgery disaster (well, except for that one line)

I get enlightened almost every night

work release program

Ant definitely deserves the first run.

everybody's already planning their lines. who's got the FS pivot on the speed wall?

up in the bucket for bird's eye documentation

where's my thimble?

the 676 W. on ramp coming off of I-95 has been voted one of the top places in the city to view the skyline. tell me something I don't know. this ramp needs to be finished soon, i'm getting waaaay too artsy with this bullshit.