Thursday, October 13, 2011

Florida vacation fashion/Reading spots of yesteryear/total skate weekend!

digging through some photo albums that got flooded in my parent's basement. found some family vacation snaps from last year.

I'd bag on Brian's choice of haberdashery if it weren't for the fact that I would occasionally wear my Jimmy'z beret to little league practice. the yellow shirt I'm wearing was a Gordon & Smith tee. I vividly remember opening it on Christmas morning and being stoked that I now had 7 "skate" shirts which meant I could wear one every day of the week.

next 4 I found buried on my hard drive and are from this trip. I think these are Chris's shots. first one is Hillsboro, OR

Buhl, Idaho

cow field camp out. outside Carbondale, CO

the Weasel surveys the land atop the cradle

if only I knew then what I know now.

Lincoln City, OR. that was a great fuckin' trip.

me and Pop at game 1 of the St. Louis series. don't think I've ever bonded with my dad as much as I did that day. I mean, we were like high fiving and shit.

Father No Neck and I had a similar moment at the Union game

finish that hot dog. I wanna start bashin'

might as well have been layered in banana peels. it didn't help that these dogs had no concept of height or regard for personal property

who'd a thunk a spur of the moment stop would lead to a complete reworking of my fall wardrobe?

had plenty of time to kill so we took a less than direct route home. I rarely find myself on this stretch of road anymore so when I do, I know where I'm eating

navigating solely on landmarks we hadn't seen since '92, we tracked down this mecca of our adolescence.

that's the wall we were lined up against waiting for Jake to lower the fire escape when the AC skinheads threw bottles at us from a speeding pick up truck

we continued on and as soon as we said "we should find that courtyard we used to skate" we realized we were right next to it.

it was our poor man's, east coast EMB but it was rad. on sundays it would be totally deserted.

saturday morning. session at the jank bank

Max took a break from ghost hunting to document the action

Clifford had the pivot fakies on lock

Ray got the schralps

ollie fakie to death?

cutting the arm off means instant Photo-G status. (like how i make references that probably 6 people will understand)

no angle went undocumented

who wore it best?

6:55am usually means first lines. turned into a full on session stacked with quality dudes

back to the jank bank for some much need upgrades

Ray and I had to distract ourselves while we waited for it to dry cuz we were so stoked to skate it. we caught up on the past 20 years or so and eventually just started pushing in circles around the parking lot.

by the time V showed up it was good to go. a half hour of patch work made it 500x's easier to skate.

Ray snapped this one. it was not a make but I shall return. great session. I have more pics that I'll post as soon as I finish the roll of film.

here are some of my pics I contributed that made it into the Live...Suburbia! book: Chris, Andy James, Nate and I in the Kutztown cafeteria circa '94. notice the wrap on Chris's wrist. this was the infamous "Snapcase wrist" that he supposedly got stage diving at a Snapcase show at City Gardens. He still complains about it to this day. Also his outfit consisting of a World Industries hat, flannel shirt and jeans is what he wore every single day of freshman year. (case in point) Behind us is the "alternative girls" table. this meant they wore Vans and listened to Ride and Sunny Day Real Estate.

Nate and Matt Rife in Brian's freshman dorm room

Brian, Roeder, me and Bortz at Magic for my 14th birthday

1994. new skateboard day for Brian and I in his sophomore dorm room. he used to say it looked like I had pieces of shit stuck on my face.

Jamie, Tina and Brian somewhere in Kutztown

beach girls. ocean city, md. you know how it goes, meet on boardwalk, exchange addresses, write letters for a few months, continue with life. (ps I just noticed the Rage Against the Machine sticker on the door)

Brian and I give Matt a wake up call on the same beach trip. RIP Budget Beach

me and Bortz combining two of Brian's creations to shred on the back patio

years later. same back patio. Matt, Chris, Nate and Scott hangout session.

Aaron, Brian, Chris Fehr and Roeder in the pit at Scarlett's

Jared and Josh look on as Roeder, Pettit and Aaron bust some elbows

the always classic Roy's shot

preshow hangout at John's house. ps those are the alternative girls from the cafeteria shot!

and finally, Tommy, Kyle, Kim, Tanya, Scott and John aka the "youngins" (except for John) hanging out in the parking lot before a high school football game. we always brought a keg of root beer