Monday, February 25, 2008

Brown's ramp/the warehouse/a birthday party!

waiting for the key to show up

the extension needed some reworking

Don on the horse teeth

ladder on the ramp = physical challenge!

back to the "big warehouse"

Jim drinks to forget. "Pass the piano board, my back is wrenched."

that night Jeff hosted a birthday party for his gf's little brother.

I tried to relearn "happy birthday" on the baby grand before the b-day boy showed up. I kept spacing on the last refrain though! bummed.

Tim was in full party mode!

I'm trying to picture how stoked I would've been on my 15th birthday to go to a dirty old warehouse in Philly that had a mini ramp and Minor Threat playing over the speakers.

although in 1992 my friends and I were definitely not filming eachother's runs at Weis bank

what comes after Part D? Part E!!!

Reese Forbes high ollie challenge!

even the dad cam was in effect


Brian's canoe should be seaworthy any week/month/year now!