Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ray and Michele's big day

first things first. the spot needed some reworking

next stop...the wedding! Mrs. Gleason obviously likes to wait til the last minute to write her cards. good thing the pen didn't run out...oh wait!

the beautiful bride

short and sweet. ladies and germs, the Gurzesses's

Max was on my 6 the whole way to the reception

the finger 'staches were a hit with the crowd

candy station. fuckyes. (since Jim doesn't eat snacks it must be a bag for Amanda)

the whores devoures were bangin'. pic of a pic, obviously

the newlyweds! Dang! which buttons the F-stop again?

pass the porkchop. Ray's coiff needs an adjustment

E. McGee showed up

Froustet poachin' my angle as usual

things started to get poppin'


dudes (3 cheers for Matthew Mcconaughey's...I mean Andy's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy makeover)

hard to see but Mike was reppin' SWEET pony...as if there's any other type.

Kim and Jim with the BGP 'roni slip

it's not a party til one of the Frobase brothers starts dancing

safe to say Jim was in the zone

Emmaus High School (minus Bakes and Shaver obviously)

pics of pics from when things started to get rowdy

snatched the pumpking, center piece, my bag o' tricks and I'm out! (ps Tootsie Roll)

where else...

get some

Kevin's ramp got relayered.