Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Celtic Fest/Golf With Your Friends
went back to the Valley friday night and hit up Celtic Fest with some of the bros. Matt and Mike pick out their next tats. Good choices!

Mike was amped on his Awww Shucks! (probably last one of the season)

crazy painting

the action at Rippers was pretty much nonexistant. the autographed pic of Rudy almost made it worthwhile. "Who's the wildman now!" Great movie.

onto McGrady's (I think) where it was a little more happening. Po...straight ballin'...out of control that is.

The Geech and Jugz

this dude had a cool outfit. no seriously, it was really cool.

Mrs. Gleason's Dog Training School

Next day the dudes went golfing.

Brian called for a mulligan early on in the round...

what's Chris doing?

...the same thing the rest of us are doing

Brian walked down to this brain scratcher. Chris had absolutely nothing to do with it.

not my best hole...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Nate's Birthday and Jer's last days on the East Coast

Some of the crew got together to celebrate Nate's birhtday at Tequila's. Who knew simply browsing for a bean burrito on the menu would turn into a history lesson on the women's sufferage movement in 18th century Mexico???

If they would've had this little dislaimer last time we went it would have made it a hell of a lot easier. (although much less entertaining...FIESTA OLE!) ((you had to be there))

I figured an appetizer would be plenty for me. I was wrong. (check the quarter for actual size of my meal) Thanks to everyone who gave up their extra beans and rice to me.

This is how the drinks came out. He'd reach up and grab one, then shimmy his head around to make the tray spin and put the next glass up front.

Ami gives it a shot. (too bad empties don't count yo)

Nate accepts the challenge.

free shot or shave?

Chris should be in a shampoo commercial

Ami hears "the bag" story for the first time

it was a semi fancy restaurant so I had to check my board in the coatroom. The manager was funny, he was trying to skate in the lobby when I first came in.

self portrait in Rittenhouse Square

we set up the slalom course for Ami

picking up ingredients for a spur of the moment sundae party

slugfest, anyone remember that band?

Sprint and Pitfall


next day we went down to Rehoboth to meet up with Jeremy and Lisa who were moving to Colorado in 2 days. if you've been keeping up with the blog at all, Jeremy is the one who I'd have fakie blunt contests with at Weis bank. we met them at Marshall's so Chris could try on halloween costumes

Employee of the year.

the Emmaus crew has a long history with Chauncey's. Senior Week '93, '94 &'95 straight up ruled.

this one's for Ron.

more than likely our last beach day of the year

the sea was angry that day. note how the lifeguard chair legs are buried. there was only about 5 feet of beach in some parts.

since we were in Rehoboth, Chris and I could openly express our feelings for one another. the water was actually pretty warm but the 50 mph winds, rocky beach and insane riptide didn't make for the ideal beach day.

I mean don't get me wrong, we still got barrelled

it's cool man, we're good friends

Samantha thoroughly enjoyed the wind

sorry Lisa, had to do it.

this pint glass rules and that is why it now resides in our cabinet

if you ever find yourself at the Purple Parrot, I recommend the Parrot Poop Pile for an appetizer

we got the dime tour at Jer and Lisa's house.

This one's for Ami, black on black bathtub action. (do the socks make it black on black on black?)

The coworkers made this for his going away party. "Jeremy Miller shows the crowd why he's the #1 BIG WAVE surfer at the North Shore". Best of luck to the Millers, and Jer, "Jesus, where did you learn your Russian, J.C. Penny?"