Friday, September 16, 2016

birthdays at the Rathskeller / Joshua Tree / the International Banana Museum / skate spots (iconic and not) / No Don

6 rolls. (grab a book). 2 different cameras with each roll posted in reverse order. I know you as the viewer don't care but it drives me nuts that blogger was more user friendly in 2009 than it is in 2016. No Don.

Hidden Valley

Joshua Tree sunrise

totally Air B and B'd the night before. thanks KIME



Cotton Wood Springs Road

Slab City

Salton Sea

2 fish

Hiking back from the Nude Bowl (cuz these uploaded backwards)


I choose to believe the story that Al Capone built it.

Eagle Rock

Mt. Baldy fullpipe

line up at Huntington Beach pier

Looking for Kobe's house

Newport Beach


Always got a little Captain in me

I'll drive anywhere to skate.

"I wonder if anyone shot this angle before?"

Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Birthdays with Papa G

Mt. Baldy in style

Chez Griswold

pic by Cooper

pic by Vivian

pic by June


another by June


with the cousins on "The Old Rock" aka the home base of our childhood club

Old Rock in portrait

Old Rock in landscape. We all had code names.

pic by June

pic by June