Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nate's bachelor weekend brodown/art/band practice/tattoo

for the second time in my life, I went to the movies by myself.

I thought it was great

dang! musta been a fun night


commercial shoot for a pizza client of ours. (i had to make the barbell)

dinner with the krew for Nate's bachelor weekend

Brian, we're gonna need shirts

the "Atari" porn

off to Standard Tap where Chris explains how his blowjob machine would work

Brian at the market. it's a bachelor party so you gotta stock up on domes right?

nope. i wanted him to drink two so he could rage straight through the night

then it was time for the entertainment portion of the evening. who's got the singles?

the bolt on top of the tank is so you can't hide a gun in there

Dickhead Dee and the Romper Stompers promo pics

after some dehydrating, the night continued back across town

"Hey Tif, yeah I can't make it. I'm going to a bbq at the Barto's in Emmaus."

the "Wood" face revisited

"Hey Nigro, You going to that party at Weller's?"

the classic "four wiggers in a Volkswagen" story

"What is a wigger and why is my son hanging out with them?"

some people just aren't cut out for a night on the town

obviously i had to uphold my duties as designated driver

the dudes wanted a pizza before heading up to the hotel room. i opted for left overs.

next stop, Club Level

Nate's "dude i'm so wasted" impersonation

3:47 am

6:37 am

time to explore the digs

continental breakfast was killer!

then Brian and I checked out the library

the first java of the morning always tastes better with a view

just some light reading

never hurts to brush up

back to the club level

save ferris

if you're ever on the 32nd floor of the Loew's in Philly, go to the library and pick up the copy of Michael Crichton's Congo. I forgot my bookmark.

later that day

off to the Crane building to check out some art

walking around this installation made me dizzy. can't help but wonder if that was the point

trash picking/home decorating

Sperm was in town so a bbq was called for

off to the basement for X Drug Related X practice

Matt sent me this pic. (Sarah, Chris's sister, posted it on her facebook) I'm guessing it's from 1997. L to R: Lowdown, Xcrament, yours truly, Pank. I actually think this is my picture cuz I remember that day well and I know it was just the four of us. I must've used the timer on my old camera, the Hoot, to snap this one. Damn, I went over this with a fine tooth comb. Andrew's rings and vegan shoes, Matt's choker, Zero hoody and Alchemy deck, my Prom beanie (i think i stole it from Matt), the first Nice Skate Shoes model and Bob Burnquist's Anti Hero board and finally Chris's Duke hat, DC jacket, Matt Reason Silverstar board and of course the Mad Gab smile. We hit a ton of Valley spots that day. Lehigh, Fountain Hill, downtown Allentown (we used to session the guard rail we're sitting on pretty much weekly) I have footage from this day and one of my fave "lines" is where Chris films Andrew, Matt and I ollieing the 3 sets of 4 back to back at Lehigh (I think those steps are gone now) and then Matt and I each stick boardslides down the handrails on the last set. If I get really motivated I'll hook up the vcr and post screen grabs. then the 2 people that read my captions will be like "Oh yeah, I remember him writing about that in the entry with the FRESH BONERS bookmark."

it's ok, there's a back story.

we spoke of our introductions to metal.

watching the blood surface always reminds me of those time lapse nature clips where they show flowers blooming or a deer carcass decaying.