Wednesday, August 29, 2012

July activities/NYC/rolls of film/#seriouslackofcaptionsandlinks

remember when I said our apartment in college was a creative breeding ground for "art, cinema and shame"? no? neither did i. (i had to go back and look). anyway, Ron put this up and it made me happy to see after however many 2012 minus 1996 is years.

newest scribble. this is fresh off the table, still bleeding out. fun! shit, #muffintop

in hindsight, skating the 4.7 miles from east river state park in brooklyn to the empire state building in 90 degree weather right after getting tattooed probably wasn't the smartest idea i ever had.

what's the hold up? whaddya mean i can't cross here?! whaddya mean i have to find another intersection to cross at? what's with all this traffic?! where the hell is that god awful music coming fr...oh.

phew! made it.

hadn't been up top since i was probably 8 or 9. made sure to document it with a dark, blurry, faux polaroid, cellphone picture.

Virginville Film Festival

far away explosions

dinner and arts in the park

speed painting. i swear it was literally 2 minutes from the moment i picked up my brush until i took off my smock. so many canvases, so little time.

preIndependence Day festivities from afar

Independence afternoon

and the night was just getting started! Party on Don.

Ok, I've obviously been sitting on those above pics for awhile and at this point I just wanted to get them posted and off the computer so forgive the lack of clever witticisms and youtube links that are probably only funny to myself and a few friends. now here are 2 rolls of film that just got developed.