Monday, April 26, 2010

physical fitnessography day/record show/Earth Crisis

i almost lived here. sometimes i wish i did. other times i'm glad i don't.

the sun was a pendulum

did you find it?

if anger had a sound

late night bbq. coals didn't get lit til 10.

writer's block relapse

i have this in less than 1 week and i really haven't done that much physical preparation. at least not the amount i originally intended to when i first signed up for it in december. i'm not kidding myself thinking i'll get "faster and stronger" in one week but i know myself well enough to know i needed a full day of physical activity to get my mind in the right place. trust me i realize how lame that sounds but it's how my brain works. anyway, i decided to get up early, bike to Manayunk, run the hills out there and make a day of it. along the way i snapped some pics. 7 am, Penns Landing.

I used to work with a girl whose grandfather used to kill geese in the park for food with Picasso when they were both starving artists (literally). We also had heavy metal fridays when the bossman was out!

this thing

Last of the Mohicans

some guy tapped me on the shoulder when i was taking pics of this place and said, "Me and you should turn it into a nightclub and call it "the Castle" and every year we'll throw a party called "Storm the Castle". i told him to make like a tree and get out of here. (1 part of that story is made up)

i'm gonna do a whole show on views through empty windows

then i'm gonna do one on vines

parked my bike at Rambo's and started the hill climb on foot.

definitely had one of those moments trying to get balanced

this is yet another shot that i seriously had framed out in my head probably 5 years ago but never had a camera with me. religion juxtaposed with Pulitzer, i'm a shoe in this year.

actually, I think I kinda liked it better in my head

Rusted Shut, Disease of the Spirit

leaf falls short

spray paint the walls

goodbye. i'll stop now.

headed back south

looks like i missed a party on my stoop

already checked the phone for nudes. no dice.

penn treaty park

Ophelia was there. a fun filled day

next day it was off to a record show in new hope. picking up don


crap. crap.

i entered the isolation station

sensible breakfast

mind the mouth breather at the window children

Earth Crisis at the Barbary

the house was packed

Stand By and No Allegiance for the encore. stoked.

almost forgot, I promised Glenn a plug.