Monday, September 24, 2007

a day on a bike/the quarter/Divine Lorraine/salvage space

Rodin museum

Gates of Hell. let's meet up.

some people suck at life more than others

got a text from Dave about skating later on. turns out we were in the same area. that led to a free ride to my old hood for pizza.


this bro was bummin'. he needed iPod help. his playlist contained Buckcherry. we left.

hubba hideout

the real story is that people still rollerblade

Tequila Sunrise

great job guys

her favorite band is Lamb of God AND she skates. awesome.

TOYNBEE tiles. look it up.

TALKIES. kinda cool.

did you see it? stellar!

the Divine Lorraine

I'm gettin' inside. mark my words

salvage yard. (here's where I try to get artsy)

coat rack from the Divine Lorraine. does this face look almost mean?...

these two are for Ms. Van Pollard