Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday the 13th/bridge jumps/beach/ramps/autodidact forensics/summer in the city

3 cheers of the weather this summer. bring on the heat and the occasional 20 minute flash thunderstorm...I'm all in!

my self prescribed physical therapy began this day. laps and inclines.

$35, I hope they didn't sell out. I may get 2.

we decided to do some Friday the 13th sightseeing in Blairstown, NJ. this is the retaining wall from the opening scene where the bitch went in to ask for directions. (ed. note: Dave would like you to know that Lou Reed lived here. Feel free to look it up)

I'm kind of upset on how much of a bike/crust/vegan/pbr/philly punk I look like in this picture. I assure you I was just dressing for comfort in the heat. the jury is still out but it may be time to shave the beard of shame.

then it was off to the actual camp

i'm pretty sure this is where they filmed this classic scene!

"Yahtahay, Atikoskin!"

time to get dunked

this one's called "the banana peel" (click to enlarge)

a hesitant Don

couldn't have asked for a better "body to graffiti" line up on this one. Ant takes the Nestea Plunge

"just friends"

back on shore, this scene was unfolding

off to the U jump

I was intrigued by this scene just cuz I'd never seen Don in a campground environment. I liked the juxtaposition.

"Where's the volume control?...

...oh yeah, now I remember".

my back was still pretty jacked so I didn't even bother bringing the proper set up. (still got the grinds in though)

we put the umbrella hat on as a precaution

early morning bargain hunters at the punk rock flea market

deals were found and a mini K-town punk reunion featuring Seph, Chuck, Chicken and yours truly occurred. Up the KU PUNKS!

didn't even have time to unpack my acquisitions, it was straight to the beach

stocking up on provisions at the corner store

stoop life flickers and fades

I measured the transition and decided my back could handle it

Kyle gets his

I felt like I was in a Sunny Delight commercial

then it was back to the Glassboro Mega

day trip provisions


The year was 1994 and the Dewey Decimal system was at my disposal. More than likely I was in the 700's

I had to edit this post because I'm not sure what pics I could include of Frank's studio so just check out this article from the Philadelphia Daily News.
he likes model trains too

another unidentifiable victim

I then embraced my inner DGK. I've become so urban.


Gyro outing many years ago

Atari in Yardley many years ago

sports fanatic, finger flip to disaster, barn