Wednesday, January 30, 2008

new ramp/pizza/Dentally Insane/drunk dude

practice before the big show at the Rod & Gun Club

15 bricks up. get some.

"whaddya mean you missed the exit?"


this is were things started to get interesting. this dude wandered over from the bar to see what all the racket was about.

Tim pulled double duty on the skins that night. Gondola & Dentally Insane.

it's tough to see but this is Pete bringing the mosh

fuckin' Froustet!


Middle America

this dude was out of his mind and it ruled.

the show officially reached next level status during Middle America's set

Fresh Meat

"dude, I'll get you up!"

you know somewhere some kid was wondering where Grandpa was

I guess next time we'll call each other before we leave the house

"Talk to me Goose. Goose?"

back to the ramp!