Wednesday, May 30, 2007

renegade concrete/Dentally Insane's first show/the beach/cable porn

last practice before our first show

DIY or die.

Noneck scored the work truck for the show.

Tim and Rocky's band

I don't know who was on the horse teeth

Tim shreds the skins

Dentally Insane was up next. Sam got the kids hyped with stickers, floss samples and pamphlets on proper brushing techniques.

it took us longer to set up than it did to play. did I mention our set is 6 minutes long?

Dr. Ronald F. Fatzinger, DDS introduced us and offered some insight on preventing gingivitis and gum disease.


during the 3 seconds in between songs we'd pelt kids with those floss pic things for a world tour some time next year

these dudes were up next! fuckyes!

teen angst. been there. done that.

here's where the singer calls everybody pussies for not moshing. I love 2007.

FYI Sperms in town.

transfering/watching the footy. it'll be on Youtube soon. I know you're all waiting with baited breath

looks like the word is out on the quarter!

anyone else get caught in that downpour on saturday night?

at Jen's housewarming party all eyes were on the world's largest dead pig.

dawn patrol fuckers. and if you sleep in...i'll shank ya

on the curb by 6:30. I don't play around when it comes to beach days

somebody left some bullets the chamber at the shooting gallery! I win.

Annie Oakley?

"I've got sand caked on my feet I gave my ice cream to a shark And now I've got nothing to eat"

festivities at the Van Pollards

I've had my camera for an entire year and I just discovered how to take B&W pics.

and sepia!

some of us wanted to watch a horror movie so the party moved inside...