Monday, October 30, 2006

New spots, Halloween upskirts and Leaves

Reggie's ramp aka The Crucial Brutal ramp

after the session we were treated to a free pasta dinner and Seinfeld on the big screen. it was the Keith Hernandez episode too!


YouTube rules.

another North Philly, mandatory cruiser spot. if you don't have at least 60mm's (or a gun) don't even bother getting out of the car. no idea what this used to be. old skatepark? old playground pool? hit it years ago but didn't have a cruiser set up. this time was much more fun.

TASK for the day, slash grind over the hole. done and done.

wallride or wallie? pick your poison.

Dan's birthday/halloween suprise party. sshhhhh...the anticipation was off the charts!


L to R: Shitty Clown (yours truly), "Ami" aka Christina the Whore (Pank VanPollard), a Gorilla (Pitfall)

Ami came as Chris. all she was missing was the water bottle and a couple granola bars.


the Professor was teaching the monkey all about himself (the monkey)

here's the upskirt I promised you. enjoy.

then we all got handjobs from the mechanical zombie in the living room. he was very giving.

then Christina returned the favor.

Valley Green

suicide contemplation #1

suicide contemplation #2

"hmmmm, how do I negotiate this slippery slope?"

this calls for a crab walk

the outcome

small leaf. (this is right next to her head, not held out toward the camera)

We both needed a bathroom break. I let her go first but she totally blew the place out so I had to hold it...

there was a water fountain built in the early 1920's and it was engraved in Latin and said something about "May it serve the people forever". it became too polluted for the people in 1957 so they shut it down. the huge base is still there. "FOREVER"

I felt this bench was cool.