Thursday, July 19, 2007

skate/beach/Dentally Insane, Tile, Wake Up Dead show!

sometimes I get out of the office

gee, take a guess...

James Caan in Misery

Gassler was there for a little family vaca. Met up at Mack & Manco's...obviously.

Broad St. ledges were fun. good company. good session.

sick spine sesh

to the quarter! everybody got some.

this dude really likes the Rachel Ray Dunkin Donut commercials

back to the quarter for a preshow schralpfest. Jerry was there.

Shevlin, if you're looking at this...this pic is for you. (check the menu)

Dentally Insane takes the stage and tunes up...actually forget that last part

pic of the night. Nigro escapes by casting his memory back to the salad days of Silk City (the Ides of March specifically) and Stone Roses tunes at the had to be there.


Ray reminds me of a Francis Bacon painting in this one...

Wake Up Dead

London Dungeon

a street car named desire...KAREN!!! whoops, wrong movie. again, you had to be there.