Thursday, February 14, 2013

lots of walks/abandoned places/phone pics/film pics

there were so many deer

finished and developed a disposable camera from 1998. hence the shit quality.


Pinnacle hike with the dudes and dogs

finally ventured into the cave on top. tight fit.
Oakbourne Mansion

The spot where N.C. Wyeth and grandson were killed by a train. The barn in the background was used in some of his son Andrew's paintings.

Exploring the abandoned St. Nicholas coal breaker

Looking down the conveyor belt

conveyer belt descending back into the mine.

frozen bat in the mine shaft. we walked down as far as we could until we hit the frozen water line.

flooded, frozen steps

wall where workers marked the first snows of each year
this next batch is the first roll i ran through an old minolta camera i recently picked up.

exploring the abandoned Bushkill Park. it's the park where the dudes from american pickers found banners by this guy and sold them for a shit ton of money.

this last batch is kinda heartbreaking cuz it was the roll i thought was gonna be pics of my trip to colorado but when i got home i realized i never had the film loaded properly so every totally rad sunset, ditch and mountain shot was lost. oh well, guess i'll have to go back.