Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Summer Vacation

August 14-23 we went west and to say we saw a lot would be an understatement. Glacier, Yellowstone and Yosemite National Park, a ton of skateparks and legendary skate spots, a meteor crater, a potato museum, a herd of wild Mustangs and mucho wildlife (bear!!!), a Footloose filming location and lots and lots of open road. I really can't believe this one worked out so well. Shout out to the Bodega crew. Good skating and hiking with you. I'll never forget the paper bag JTMR.

My camera wasn't advancing properly so a lot of the frames ended up overlapping which sucks and I think I lost a few really nice shots but what can you do? (*cough* use a different camera *cough*) Don't worry, I included some good ol' megapixel shots with captions at the very end. Those should be easy to pick out 'cuz they're the ones that are actually in focus and full of vibrant colors. 

Jimmy Gestapo once said, "America rules." I can dig it man. Hit the road! I still need to see the World's largest ball of twine.

from here on down are the phone pics. they're all out of order.

Glory Hole with the whole crew. Dustin and I swam to it cuz we were tired of waiting for the rafts. It was cold.

Hadn't seen Robbie since he left the mean streets of Philly. Picked up right where we left off, scraping for vinyl in the bins. See you at the gym.

Cuttin' it out at the Full House house.

Fort Miley. The top bar went untouched that day. RIP Phil Shao.
One of the 3 (or 4) waterfalls you pass on the way to Half Dome in Yosemite.

Kyle on the trail. He loves hiking.

sunrise over Half Dome from Glacier Point

Glacier Point. Sketchiest photo-op of the trip. Mom would not approve.

Half Dome through the trees
Skating the seed pods in the Salt Flats. We aimed to get there at sunset and it worked out. (Even fit in the Footloose warehouse and kept to the itinerary!) If you saw where we started that mooring you'd know why this is an admirable feat.

roadside at dusk

find it

one of the uglier views in Yosemite
the Boiling River in Yellowstone. Matt and I got dunked. We prided ourselves on washing our bags in numerous natural water sources on this trip. Pass the loofah.

mandatory souvenir

we skated a dinosaur in Idaho

70's crete. There's none smoother.
Lake McDonald in Glacier. Bath time!

Old Faithful. I honestly had this shot planned out months before the trip. Couldn't wait to make it a reality. Extremely satisfying.
Kyle and I on the Half Dome cables. Going down.

Backside re-entry in the Glory Hole. Self promotion!

Back tail in SF. How many inches are required for it to become a  "slide"?
Half Dome has some views.

Matt and I making memories on a killer downhill in Yosemite.

riding the snake in the potato capital of the world.

Area 51 flatground session

Kyle, you still owe me $228.