Friday, January 26, 2007

Intense Snowboard Action!/Dentally Insane!/ditches for bitches!/decaying flesh!

Santa Cruz Veteran's video at Oneal's

"I am an artist." Pray for me...

new skateboard day!!! see you in the trenches.

I played an evil black jack dealer in a used car lot commercial we shot in this mansion.

first time riding in 2 years! L to R: Eddie the Eagle, Dexter Rutecki, Suicide. See you posers in the fresh pow.

been there, shredded that

suspect back smith

flash and hold

"Check me out! No dude, up here!"

I lose.

Casa de Jugs is shaping up nicely

Dentally Insane's first practice! we got 3 songs in the bag already (that should give you some idea on how seriously we're taking this) "d'ya think that breakdown sounds generic?" "uhh yeah, what's your point?"

with no mic, Don couldn't really do much...

...except bust out a totally improvised maraca solo!

not posed at all.

our first records gonna be called "Skateboarding, Coke and Pizza"

back to the mountain.

good reads.

fuck pay parks. when was the last time you paid to play baseball, basketball, football or tennis? build it yourself.

never leave home without your cruiser set-up

icy conditions at the Dust Bowl!

since we couldn't skate we just appreciated the art


I ran across the highway to the OG Dust Bowl 'cuz I wanted to see if a sticker I put there in '98 was still intact. I came about 3 inches away from stepping on this...

the sticker was still there...skate tuff.

more fine pieces of art were discovered.

click on pic to enlarge. spot the ghoul and the turk and win nothing.

Dave has been working on a comic strip. "The Adventures of Jaffy"

Pank's park

coming soon!