Wednesday, February 08, 2012

foot tat/Washington, DC/black and white/college pics

this actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it definitely had its moments

thanks again BJ! regelmäßig zu Fuß bis in den tod

I hadn't been to DC to do touristy stuff since my high school senior class trip and if you know me you know I love touristy stuff.

I didn't take many pics in the American History museum because honestly, pics in museums kinda suck and it's way cooler to see all the stuff in person. I will say that being a 35 year old red blooded, American male, I found the exhibit on military history to be particularly awesome.

next up was the Natural History museum. a fond memory of a wednesday evening ritual from my freshman year of high school immediately started playing in my head as we walked up the steps towards the museum doors. (ps i wholeheartedly agree with gopconservative78). first stop was the dinosaurs!

they have the skeletons of like a billion different species on display which, again, me being a 35 year old red blooded, American male, I thought was pretty rad.

anytime I see a human skull I think of Phineas Gage. anybody else remember watching the video about his accident in 8th grade health class? we made our teacher rewind to this part like 20 times. it's actually kinda gnarlier than I remember.

being the acclaimed gemologist that I am, I clawed my way through the throngs of grandmothers, wives, teenage girls and a lot of fellas to catch a glimpse of the storied Hope Diamond. look for more of my pics along with a breakdown of the exhibit and recap of my day in the June issue

it was thoughtful of the folks at the museum to include plaques in the display cases so Joe Q. Citizen would know exactly what it is they're looking at but being as I have extensive knowledge and experience with Chiroptera, I just found them distracting. (that's easily one of my fave entries!)

these next 3 are what I like to call "stock" shots

I've always loved American history so I was genuinely psyched to finally view the declaration of independence, the constitution and other historical documents up close and personal in the national archives. you couldn't take pictures in the rotunda so I spent about 5 hours photoshopping this image of how it may have looked if Chad and I had somehow gotten permission to take photographs in there on new years eve 1996.

couldn't leave DC without throwing a salute to the boy scout memorial

spur of the moment stop on the way home to check out some "junk" in some guys yard led to one of the most educational hour and a halves of my life. No lie, he was fascinating to listen to and his collection was unreal.

fuses for civil war era canons. "Most soldiers couldn't read back then so a lot of the fuses had different colors on the package for the different delay times so they could be quickly identified in a battle." kinda cool. As we were leaving, Roger (our new best friend) insisted we "Stop by anytime. Just knock on the door!"

the following morning. the dogs are ready to go at 6 am. who are we to make them wait?

I hyped Roger's place up to Brian so much we decided to head straight down after the walk to poke around some more.

a pile of old wood. Unfortunately for Brian (and probably Roger's pockets) no one was home that morning.

latest roll

this was a total "college photo final" spot

hunting owls. didn't see shit except for about 15 deer and some space junk.

Memory Lane time! this is Jamesway parking lot in '95 or '96. we skated there pretty much every single summer night for 2 years straight. Brian was always the last to get home from work so Matt would already be at our house and we'd be ready to go. Brian would walk in the door and we'd have a single cracker and a glass of water waiting for him on the table. We'd say "There's your dinner. Now let's skate.", and he'd totally flip out.

Lowdown tries to remember the songs while Snotrag mans the camera and Don moshes with the kids in Montreal. I think this is the show where Chris was shitting next to Fastbreak's drummer and tried to talk to him through the stall. "Dude I recognized his shoes."

Nigro and Gassler at an early Posi Numbers fest.

Scarlett O'hara's. Who has Donkey Kong these days?

Andrew and Chris at my graduation picnic

Nate at the 5:30 Club show.

a chokered up Matt and a septum pierced Geoff help epitomize 90's hardcore fashion

on the way home from a DC basement show

Ray breaking Chad's back at his and Brian's first apartment

Aaron, me, Andy and Matt enjoying a great day at Dorney Park. Although I guarantee you I was scared out of my fucking mind at this moment.

Sarah, Stacy, Nigro and Andrew at 169. if you're reading this Irish Chris, this would've been the "Turning Point/No Escape split" era

on the front stoop at the 169 prom. I have a distinct memory of Andrew and I being in the flower shop trying to get our dates wrist corsages and the lady insisting that we "need to get the girls nosegays" and we were both like "What the fuck is a nosegay?" The whole time we're standing there trying to convince her we just want wrist corsages and we don't even know what the fuck a nosegay is, she just totally ignoring us and continues making the 2 nosegays. Basically there was no way were walking out of there without nosegays. That Goo Goo Dolls that every radio station played every 5 minutes 24 hours a day was playing in the store and she was singing along to it too so that sucked as well. I bet you're just as annoyed by my summation of that experience as we were when we were trying not to buy nosegays. I also bet Andrew has no recollection of this what so ever.

American University

Beck Hall Basement

Andrew, Gassler and I forget

Bryan "dude, I never parted my hair in the middle" Gassler and me in the Consignment Shop basement on Main St.

the final Posi Numbers appearance

Nate at Sea-Seas

I spy Tom and Raymond

awhile ago Chris sent out an email asking everybody to make, what they consider to be, the perfect Kutztown playlist. I don't think anybody responded except for me but I'd imagine Andrew's would have a lot more the Sea and Cake, Ice Cube and Tortoise, Gassler's would have included Led Zepplin, NWA and the Flaming Lips, Nate's would have had the Smiths, Reveal and Sunny Day Real Estate, Nigro's would have been all Beatles, 7 Seconds, Housemartins and the Cure and Chris's would definitely have included the Dances With Wolves soundtrack and a few tracks from Live - Throwing Copper. Here's mine.

Oh college...