Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brian's show at Homebase/a few randoms

My brother is having an art show at Homebase Skateshop this Friday. It will probably be up for 2 months but if you're in the area on Friday, please stop by and check out the opening. I promise you you won't be disappointed.

If you know Brian, you know how talented he is at envisioning and constructing insane wooden furniture, signage and fuckin' canoes. When it comes to the tool bench, the Barto family gene that my brother, father and grandfather were all blessed with, somehow skipped me. Here are some snaps I took of the construction and installation of the "barn".

"Don't worry dad, it's modular."

the "weathering" of the roof

barn doors and blue skies in Bethlehem

You know how you watch skate videos before you go out skating to get psyched? It was kind of like that.

Brian was John Book and I was Eli Lapp

Brian is no stranger to tappin' the Rockies for some inspiration

Josh offers his $.02 on the window display

stellar job bro

this Friday, March 4th, Homebase skateshop, Bethlehem, PA...be there! (at 1:37)
just a couple randoms:
Army Navy for Dickies, knives and paracord

NYC for pizza, tats and criticism on my iPod playlists

punk rock pizza night in west philly

felt great to get out for a pedal

a night in Emmaus means diggin' through the old summer camp footlocker
BBQ at 228. I think this was Ray's first summer back from the navy

the saturday routine in summers of yesteryear was; 6:00am breakfast at the Trivet then off to Philly to skate. (fdr first, then the city). notice all the Alchemy 8.5"s. someone send this pic to Budinetz.

in front of the caf in Ktown. musta been Bear Fest.

the Spanish Fly takes the plunge in a flooded and long abandoned Magic

mom wanted us to all drop in at the same time. Ramones and Murphy's Law graffiti...yup, that about summed it up.