Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Zern's/wild mooses/x-mas cheer/the love that dare not speaks its name (homo hobos at the train station)

the Toyo gap is a fun spot

there's some other stuff there too.

Don said he'd pull a Jeff Kendall on top of the semis but he pussed out cuz he said the roofs wouldn't hold him...bullshit.

On saturday we hit up some farmer's markets. We came across this gem on the way to Zern's. Skate cages rule. Poor kids, burn it down...Skate and Destroy.

In the mid 90's me, Matt, Ray and Chris were skating these bars when the owner showed up and flipped out on us. I think Matt and Ray had to go back and repaint them. They've since been skateproofed as you can see.

Next stop, Longacre's Dairy for some mid-morning ice cream. Hadn't been there in years.

Buttercrunch was top notch.

Zern's! Another place I hadn't been to forever. It's not quite as cool as I remember it being in highschool but it's still a good time.

What a page turner! I wonder if there's one guy that's like the "best" romance novel cover painter in the business.

old yearbooks are always fun

Cabela's in Hamburg. There are only a couple of these in the country and each store has a different statue out front.

the aquarium

I like this one cuz it looks like an X-ray of the fish's stomach.

Oh shit! Call Steve Irwin!...oh wait...nevermind...is Dundee still around?

Wolfpack! If this was a painting it would be called "The Standoff" or something like that.

The Shooting Gallery was up next!

BULLSHIT! There must've been some kind of glitch in the system cuz she kicked my ass and I didn't miss a single shot. Plus she was holding the gun like a total...well, girl.

RABIES! (p.s. Raybeez R.I.P.)

At Nate & Deana's Ami's favorite polaroid showed up.

The 4.0 club. Bookwormbitches.com.

Chris had cabin fever.

the gift exchange soon got out of hand

Mrs. Van Pollard was the lucky receipient of my mug...with my picture on it. (a mug on a mug)

I scored an intamacy kit and a pair of clear J-lo'esque glasses

Pank got Billy Idol's new Christmas album.

Nate enjoyed his present immensely

Brian lost big time

our attention soon turned to Nate's "Iraqi" Railroad

derailments were not uncommon

Homosexual activity was rampant at the train station!

hobo handjob

then there was an unfortunate accident...

Nate and Deanna got into a wicked fight.