Thursday, May 29, 2008

intense bike ride action/bbq/Ray's book release/camping!/beach!/pizza!!!

the weather looked stellar all weekend so I took the Traveler up to my parent's house and went for a ride over the mountain and down into town. this is approaching the "summit" of 5th St. mountain.

looking back up the hill after heading down into town

Emmaus movie theater. I saw Mr. Mom here, great movie.

if they would've been open I would've gotten a postcard for sure

this is where you went to make out. there used to be Dead Kennedys and Anthrax graffiti on the side doors, it wasn't from me, honestly.

a lot of people come to this bridge right by the theater to take pics of the historic trains that come through town every now and again

I was trying to find the "haunted house" we used to fuck around in but it's either been torn down or I forgot what street it was on. anyway, this is God's Acre. it was the site of the first structure ever built in Emmaus in 1742.

I remember being told growing up that there were Indians buried here as well.

then I rode to the Fire Company's training facility

we used to rappel out of this tower in Boy Scouts

this is where they practice saving kids from burning to death on their way to school

I took the Vo-Tech bus my junior and senior year so I kinda wouldn't have minded burning to death those years

Matt sent me a text saying "hey bud, let's ride" so it was off to the total opposite side of town. I love my bike.

Harry Lauder Walking Stick

I got there before him so I caught some Z's in the front yard

Harley and Archie say, "Don't mind us, plenty of room."

Chris and Brian, get the Peugeot and Bianchis out of storage, you're missing some great rides

the scenery was a little different than center city Philly

one of about 15 hills and trust me this was one of the mellow ones. great ride.

hey look it's Ami's chair!

bbq at the Frobase's! Pank's new phone. so now he has 3 if you include the land line. (this one probably still works the best out of all of them)

Tyler and Luke opt for the Temple of Doom on the tube while they nosh.

there were seriously children everywhere

Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson, Tom Selleck and a Baby

Andy has always communicated well with babies

Luke says "I want a mustache dammit!"

Luke helped me out with some touch-ups

obviously I needed one too

pic of a pic of Andy farting on Jamie. I love my friends.

even in mandals, Jer's still got sad plants on lock

then it was time for child abuse

"ok now clap your hands"

under the table and under the swing. he nailed it every time.

setting up for the group photo

this is when Jeremy realized he had it set to "movies"

heading into Bethlehem for Ray's book release

they're gonna shoot some of Transformers 2 at the old Bethlehem steel plant

Chris's pics should be up by Thanksgiving

the author

the new shop is looking good

Mike mans the top shelf vino

peep Novack cross blogging the scene

Chris points out Pank's Playland at the new Bethlehem park

then he got a tattoo from Katie

next day I went for another bike ride. this pic really doesn't do my wife beater tan justice.

this one kinda does

then it was obviously time to go camping

mind the handles, they might be a bit hot

might not be much to look at but they actually tasted fine

main course

"oh excellent! they've got a pool. can't wait to get in"

preparations were made for later in the evening


next morning

first in line = the first pie out of the oven