Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gildeon Works/snowboard action/Floorpunch/old skateboards

dum dums and jumping frogs...gotta be T. Mom's

illumination courtesy of Nigro's flashlight app

Gildeon Works at L'Etage. Stacey and Dave are headed to the left coast

bright and early, view from the "peak"

it seriously amazes me how snowboard friendly Bear Creek (Doe to the old heads) has become. we used to have a trash can and a 3 foot long wooden rail to screw around on. anyone remember dragging logs into the pipe to act as coping? thank god I'm not wearing my dad's hunting boots anymore.

the jib possibilities are endless!

ride the plumbing and take the drop

Brian risks his ticket with this boisterous misuse of mountain property

the composition I had planned for this shot was lost thanks to my itchy trigger finger

Jim taps the nip on kid #2. hey Jugz, make sure it's set to sweet and not sour

Just thinking about those days You used to talk to me Smilin' while I'm sippin' on this Hennesy And remember we bragged on how rich we would be
To get up out this hood was like a fantasy
anyone remember doo-rag sunday? that was fun

matt, andy, kim k. from kalifornia, chris and me rolled to NJ for Floorpunch's "final" mosh. got there just in time to catch Mind Eraser

Down to Nothing

Kim volunteered for camera duty during Floorpunch so I could bust some elbows

bust it!

LVSE was reppin'

Brian was there in spirit

DJ Noneck approves of the dodgy stuff but my collection of 90's easy listening tunes always gets the thumbs down

bundled up and took the Traveler out for jaunt across town. if only i could find the keys to the time machine.

useless wooden toys

Slime Balls were always my wheel of choice "back then"

JFA's Julie's Song in Wheels of Fire always got me stoked

I always enjoy the holiday lights at 6th and Vine

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CO leftovers/a new year/Bear Creek/new ink/Integrity!/Kyle's ramp

here are some more snaps from the Colorado trip courtesy of Matt, Jeremy and Lisa. Into the wild.

Loveland Pass tree drop

fresh stash at Breckenridge

any questions?

straight loafin' after a long day on the mountain. next up, some juggin'

one of my fave pics courtesy of Lisa. Matt and I risking it all going under the wire into the abyss

always time for a quick text

pick up time at the continental divide

multiple angles of Matt's drop in

quick session at Aurora before we head back east. once again, great fucking trip.

back to present time. perfect night for a jog

obviously i wore my safety vest (courtesy of matt)

I'm getting my money's worth out of my face mask but I don't feel its been used to it's full potential...yet.

happy new year. didn't have to travel to check out some firework action. this was out my front door.

every block around my 'hood had their own display going off

i think my heart exploded. happy new year.

the next morning, Gotham's skyline coming into view with a new blue moon watching from above

first chair at Bear. Loveland Pass it ain't...

...but you can't beat the price

Snotrag was coming in hot as usual

stay up bro. here for you always.

who's up for some legumes?

then i paid a visit to BJ Betts. it was time to get under the needle again

just enough time for a final spell check

get comfy

pure sense gratification

i gave the other guy in the shop my camera and just asked him to start snapping. my only instructions were to "get artsy".

if you know the song you know how fucked the lyrics are (even though Dave says that's the good stuff) but to me it means something personal. you can ask but i probably won't tell you.

sometimes on my lunch break i go antiquing. (then i check my balls before i go back to the office)

sometimes i go all out on my breakfast burritos. fuckin' brie and everything

en route to Baltimore with Don and Matt for the Ringworm/Integrity show!

Ron, you missed out man. i hope the conference in Syracuse was worth it.

hey Dwid, want your hat back?

this show brought me out of mosh retirement.

Now I'm left, the shell of a broken man With nothing left but regret I let them take you away All I did was watch Those times we shared Those memories I'll always die hard, Sable
(this is a song about his dog and it's fucking HARD!)

Hooked lung, stolen breath, cunt. Passion thickens Pleasures forbidden

great show

then Dave and I rolled to jersey to check out Kyle's ramp. fuck yeah!

view from the runway

plenty of room to get speed

kyle "the real" deal making some adjustments

laundry room line up. get in where you fit in or prepare to get snaked.

Texas (plant) is the reason

i left with a permanent hunch

Boston was there

basment ramp and pizza!? i had to recalibrate my brain. it thought i was 14 again.

Alex was killing it.

Dave always approves when someone goes gnarbucket.

he thrives in situations like this

I took a breather on sofa city

master of disaster

fun session. thanks to Kyle and crew for letting us skate his basement

red dawn