Thursday, October 25, 2012

return to the center of the earth/film from past few months

blogger updated it's format and now it's a huge pain in the ass to make captions and rearrange photos. actually, i'm sure it's relatively simple but i can't figure it out and i've tried a billion different things that don't work and i just kept getting more and more pissed off because the old way was super simple and i was really used to it but now that it's updated it sucks so that's why there are no captions or links. so, in brief, we went back into the caves (no bats this time) and then after the cave pics there's my latest roll of film. i just got a new 35 mm point and shoot from the thrift store so i'm excited about running a roll through that thing as well. isn't camera talk so exciting?! ummm, before i forget, there are some pics at the very end from when we went to see chain of strength in nyc. jamie got his head split open and then nurse betty patched him up. fun night. there's also a pic a friend sent me that i guess was up on instagram and it's of a show my old band played at scarlett ohara's in bethlehem on september 15, 1996. i like it cuz i know almost every single person in the photo and i'm in the background shooting photos with my fave camera of all time (til it broke) aaaaand i'm wearing a chain of strength shirt! wow, it all comes full circle doesn't it? last few pics...i remember halloween.