Friday, February 23, 2007

snowboard action/stencil skillz/a gay day/the Balz!

dawn patrol fuckers! wake up and live.

first chair?

totally stoked on riding again this year! yeah...getsum!


with every self snap i feel like more of a douche...

bros! see you on the peak!

trouble on the tubes! bodycount = 1

pizza zombie.

lose your ipod? check your rowley's.

quick stop at Double Decker

art camp

first run...success.

a gay day in New Hope. these next 2 pics are for Lora. supposedly she'll know the significance.

George Washington was here

stick throwing contest

out the door by 6:30

we used to go rappelling here in high school

high snowboard fashion circa '94. we were all rocking Balz back then. unfortunately the red Vail Tee is MIA.

I put these here in '98.

The Ernest mask! You think you've seen all of his movies but trust me you haven't. Ask Bagger.