Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dentally Insane practice/new spots/solo sessions

in Rich's absence, No Neck mans the skins

top of the line studio setup

this filters out all the feedback and background noise...perfectly.

usually it's strictly business at practice but since Rich was out we just jammed.

some more than others.

the Dean Jammer!


I'm up to 4 notes!

image is everything.

new spot! (but beware, it's deep in the Cut)

the possibilities are endless

just up the street I came across this head scratcher. totally bobby puleo type spot. get on it. (looks like I forgot to check my aperature setting as well, deal.)

Temple bank! I think I had fun at this spot in 1999. I wouldn't even have bothered going back if I didn't have my cruiser which, you should know by now, I never leave home without.

best bench in Philly IMO

68mm bitches.

Sometimes it's good to roll around solo so when I roll up on kill spots like this one I can just do slash grinds back and forth for 10 minutes straight, hassle free.

Indy's on raw cement...can't beat it.


the ledge is still pretty good but the bricks were a lot smoother in '99

the ground is kinda jank but it has possibilities

and this is right across the street

I fucking love this spot, and since nobody else does, I had it all to myself.

slappys for days...

skate or die