Monday, June 09, 2008

Valley Forge

first some phone pics...

3 people will know what this means but this is what the entrance to the warehouse looks like now. Philly Chilli Wagon R.I.P.


update from Nigro

out the door at 6:15 on my way to Valley Forge.

Kelly Drive was packed!

so was Main St. Manayunk!

this is the top of the hill I pedaled up by mistake cuz I missed my turn. this hill sucked.

it was easily over a mile to the top. shit seriously sucked. at least going down was fun.

finally found the trailhead

the scenery was stunning!

I think the last time I was here I was in 5th grade

I love these things

obviously after a long, hot ride I took advantage of the accommodations. plenty of room to stretch out.

my kickstand seriously sucks

I did a report on this dude in 5th grade. Baron Von Steuben. he was hired by the US to train the militia. cool.

another field! this day easily ranked as one of the hottest in my entire life.


time for a sink shower before I headed back to the city

just enough time to run a comb through my hair

on the way back I made sure I stuck to the route. turned out to be kinda cool cuz it takes you through the woods.

came across this place too

when it was all said & done it was a 65 mile day. next task, the beach.

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