Tuesday, October 26, 2010

America and Back

Recently I had an opportunity to drive cross country with Kimberly. It was time for the Volvo (Bandit) to take up residence with her in LA and she wanted a copilot/fire starter/stupid roadside attraction pointer-outer to make the trek with her. As I knew it would, it turned out to be an amazing trip. Let's take a look a day one.

Day 1, Tabernacle, NJ - Oak Ridge, TN...670 miles

6:30 am. we figured sprinkling a little "Double Quick Lucky Powder" on the dash couldn't hurt.

just because we were on vaca, it didn't mean the business was. pretty sure there was still a hitch on the side from the pony express

breakfast/leg stretcher in Harrisonburg, VA. my goal was to absorb as much small town Americana on this trip as possible. breakfast on the lawn of a civil war memorial was a good start.

the Natural Bridge. touristy but impressive (the authentic Indian village replica had me scanning the treeline!)

George Washington carved his initials here when surveyed the bridge as a young man.

the price of admission assured that we would be hiking to the falls at the end of the trail

when the sign says "FOAMHENGE" you pull over, no questions asked

as far as I'm concerned, when it comes to road side attractions, the weirder the better

"Look like you're about to be sacrificed."

much like the Foamhenge sign, this gateway had me pulling the E brake

it was like a graveyard for every creature I scribbled in the margin of my 6th grade english notes

for a second (actually more like a few weeks) I thought I had stumbled upon some ruins of the lost city. Intense research proved otherwise.

ditched the highway to hit some back roads through Jefferson National Forest. turned out to be a memorable stretch of blacktop.

midnight snack/dinner/picnic before crawling in the body bag for the evening

Day 2, Oak Ridge, TN - Sallisaw, OK...680 miles

early morning, curbside hygiene in Nashville

the streets weren't exactly jumping at 7:30 am

mandatory stop at Graceland. (we avoided many headaches by simply parking in the neighborhood next door)

another Memphis stop, the big building on the right is the hotel from this Jarmusch classic. Sun Records was just across the street.

crossed over the Mississippi and it was hello Arkansas!

we doubled back right over the bridge in hopes to dip our feet in the Mighty Miss' but we just ended up getting lost under some train tracks

I was excited to drive through the Ozarks but it was dark by the time we entered them. late night spot check on the Trail of Tears

headlamps were mandatory by the time we reached Brushy Lake

Day 3, Sallisaw, OK - Logan, NM...519 miles

back in downtown Sallisaw, 6:53 am

this day's route choice was obvious

turned out to be kinda janky but it definitely warranted a pull over

just up the road

I honestly considered backtracking the rest of the trip feeling I should have gone with a backside boneless. I've definitely exhausted crails as my "go-to trick in a pinch".

coffins ride smoother on a dead road

The Devil's Rope Museum far exceeded my expectations. Never knew barbed wire had such an interesting history. Brian's head would have exploded. Anybody wanna start a band called WAR WIRE?

already have the name for first 7"

I wish I'd taken more pics of the inside just to show how expansive and detailed it was. Here's a snap from their Route 66 room.

just realized you can't really see it in this pic but this is the Leaning Tower of Texas

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo

a few miles eastward, I made sure to pick up some paint so we could leave our mark

This guy was also going cross country

obviously I couldn't be stingy with the paint. I mean if ya gotta get up, you gotta get up

of course I had to give my shout outs

a little farther down Route 66

suddenly I had to release my emotions. It was all just too beautiful.

shoulda used the tripod

which way to Ute Lake?

Day 4, Logan, NM - Denver, CO...642 miles

if anybody lost a 16 lb. Brunswick in Logan, NM don't worry, it was safe and sound under my left kidney all night

'twas brisk that morning

after breakfast on Central Ave. in Albuquerque, it was time to get dropped off, gear up and hit a spot I've been wanting to skate since '91.

Indian School Ditch. If you're a skateboarder, you just need to hit this. Simple as that. Browse the internet for history and more interesting pictures than mine.

off to Denver

Jeremy and Lisa are hands down 2 of the most gracious hosts. Even though they had a soccer game the night we arrived, the cheesy enchiladas (2 styles to pick from) were waiting for us in the oven. plates, utensils, towels and bedding were all laid out.

Jer and I discussed possible routes before we headed out the next morning and I honestly couldn't tell who was more excited for the trip. See you guys in December. (ps where's my Suicidal cd?)

Day 5, Denver, CO - Moab, UT...354 miles

supply run at the Arvada, CO surplus store. I coulda spent a week in there.

looking east...directly east

entering Glenwood Canyon on I-70

in Grand Junction we opted to take the Colorado National Monument drive. too many vistas to keep track of

I'd break out the sketchbook whenever I felt inspired

the drive to Moab was dope. secret government landing strips where I'm positive UFOs landed. Arches was full so we posted up at Jay Cee just down the road. setting up in the dark once again.

who's hungry?

Day 6, Moab, UT - Hurricane, UT...340 miles

good morning. my dad recently told me I should just go as a homeless person for Halloween

since it was pitch black when we parked the car and set up camp it was a pleasant surprise to wake up to this view out the front door

off to Arches which was just down the road

Balancing Rock

pondering our significance

all angles had to be documented. when mom asks me what I want for Christmas this year I'll finally have an answer.

turret arch

the north and south windows

the Fiery Furnace

Sandy Hollow in Utah's southwest corner for the last night in the tent. the ranger at the gate said we looked like we could handle the "primitive camping" section

horrible views

the tent was up so I retired to the kitchen

4 star cuisine. pass the mustard pack.

Day 7, Hurricane, UT - Los Angeles, CA...400 miles

morning view from the terrace

at least my teeth were clean

Sin City bound
the neon sign boneyard. so sick. I highly recommend the tour. just as a disclaimer, not that you would but, please don't use these pics for anything other than viewing. (had to sign a waiver to take pics)

the ghost town of Goodsprings, NV

no wonder I couldn't get an accurate F-stop reading, forgot to set it to sepia!

I broke into the building in the foreground and found an old, dusty trunk. looked like it hadn't been opened in decades. after some bashing with a pick axe I found I finally broke the lock. buried under blankets and old jackets I came across an old photo album. I pulled up a crate, blew the dust off, opened the cover and could not believe what I saw.

looking back at the trusty steed on a piss break. some great photographers once showed me the power of black & white

my rolls of film from LA didn't come out so I only have a few pics (like you care by this point anyway) mandatory first stop!

Griffith observatory

the views were amazing!

another fave filming location

gee, take a guess

then cuz I'm a jerk off I requested a pic standing inside the Swamp

view from the chopper pad

last day, very top of Griffith Park. I squinted and saw Billy Zane buying raw milk at the Hollywood Farmer's Market and Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick brunching

great fuckin' trip! and with that I bid you adieu.