Monday, June 18, 2012

incredible skating!/exploration/cape henlopen/high school hardcore memorabilia

hopefully converting all the old VHS tapes to DVD. threw this collage of the Challenge of the Bad Killers cast together to send to all the other "actors". the creative environment that 56 Noble Street provided led to a creative explosion of art, cinema and shame. more YouTube evidence to follow...maybe.

before you laugh, or perhaps I should say, while you're laughing, ask yourself this, which is cooler to watch in Rocky IV? Ivan Drago's training? or Rocky's? If I rated my skate spots on Rocky training montages, out of a possible 5, I'd give my local bank to curb 3.5 raw eggs at 4 in the morning.

the possibilities are simply endless

(the extra .5 raw eggs at 4 in the morning is because I can also gather and cut firewood at the spot)

new skateboard day!

sometimes I make food that requires exposure to heat before it can be ingested

if that's the case, the Easy-Bake Oven is used whenever possible

if I was on Instagram I would have captioned this either "There will be quiet..." or "Guess I know what hat I'm wearing today". I wonder which reference more people would have liked.

been trying to bike to work at least once a week. I'd love to do more if every single media outlet I check could give a slightly more precise forecast besides "It may or may not rain today"

been hitting 7th street in Wilmington semi-regulary after work and early with Brian on the weekends. at 7 in the morning the only other people there are the birdwatchers and the occasional parking lot blowjob recipient.

I haven't skated this much with my brother in a long time.

urban exploration feels safer with a pit bull and a bulldog by your side


had a fun flea market/skate day with Kyle

Cape Henlopen. yet another fave spot I was introduced to as a scout

shark house

caught my first wave of the summer and received a standing ovation from the crowd on the beach. already looking into some sponsorship opportunities.

dog walk on the slopes


J. Heim has been joining us lately

when we were younger, we'd get our dad a case of Coke, Hershey bars and some pretzels for Father's Day. once we got jobs, chocolate and pretzels gave way to a golf shirt or gift certificate to a favorite restaurant and a case of Coke was replaced by a bottle of Jack Daniels. this Father's Day we decided to surprise him by mowing the lawn while he was out and I think it made his year. (he still got some Jack though)

we had a band in high school. at the very beginning we called ourselves Knucklehead, then we changed to Blindside. I can only listen to about 3 or 4 of those songs without cringing these days but, that time period, in the moment, was beyond fun and an insanely rad experience. we got to play with a lot of great bands at super fun shows and meet a lot of great people. John Pospichil was our drummer and he recently sent me a bunch of pics and flyers from the band. These first few are from a practice in John's basement. Brian in an outfit he wishes he still had. AJ was chilly so he wore a T-neck.

Jeremy B. White on the 4 stringer

yours truly stoked to be in my fave tye dye purchased from the token early 90's dude at the mall that had the stand with all the incense and beads and dancing bear shirts. I'm sure your mall had one as well. (If you're in your late 20's or very early 30's, substitute "incense, beads and dancing bear shirts" with "magic eye posters, devil sticks and Dave Matthews Band shirts)

Johnny Pops on the skins

Jamie says, "Brian, isn't your neck cold?"

John live at Scarlett's

Andy Oswald and I releasing our teen angst into the Alburtis Rec Hall

John on drums and Mikey Concerned/Prema on stage potato

Jeremy Miller replaced Jeremy White on bass. here he is playing his first show at a firehall in Jim Thorpe

the other Jeremy no doubt critiquing the new guy's performance from the sidelines

you could spot Chris a mile away in the early 90's.

here are some flyers. John made most of these. this was the first "show" I ever played.

same show. different flyer. I still remember the shirt I was wearing that night cuz it was white and got orange soda spilled on it and it was my fave. it was from the BBC skate tour when they did a demo at Amateur Athlete. I got Bill Danforth to sign a sticker.

well whadya know, here's the shirt (pre orange soda being spilled on it). Brian's Danny Webster shirt would be cool to still have as well.

I don't think this one ever happened. Flagman was already an established band by the time we started so it was a big deal to us that they were going to play. well, at least to John and I. I wish I knew what "IT'S TIME TO REVIEW!" means.

unfortunately, Scarlett's in Bethlehem was the only place you could really do shows at the time. unlike at Simon Drake's house, the management at Scarlett's frowned upon stage diving. for the 3 people that might be interested in this, I know Shadow Season didn't play.

this show never happened but it was advertised on the plastic letter sign outside and I really wish I had taken a picture of it. this was before I worked for the owner as a handy man (lawn mower, apartment painter, lead deposits from the shooting range clearer outer...that part of the job sucked.)

all of us except for Chad and Andy left before Clutch played. we had no idea who they were at that point. the following Monday at school, Chad was telling us they were his new favorite band. I can't get into the jammed out, funk-a-fied at times stuff they've done recently but those first few releases...yer moshin'.

Spiro's in the pit!

Sunday night shows sucked and this one was no exception.

I'll end it with some skate pics that I should probably be saving for #FlashbackFriday if I ever get an iPhone. backside no-comply off a curb at the "old" Emmaus High School. This was from this day.

I wish I could claim a backside tailslide shove it out but this was just a step off shove it off the block. I just did one last week. what I love about this picture is that, at that time, we were skating the high school almost everyday. we had every single crack, bump and irregularity in every single curb, bench and drop 100% committed to memory. i'm sure nostalgia plays a part but to this day Emmaus High School is probably my fave skate spot of all time just because there was SO much stuff to hit. steps, ledges (when we were only really board sliding, nosepicking or acid dropping off of them), benches, speed bumps, manual pads, wallrides, blocks, hand rails (for caveman-ing, not ollieing onto) and the list goes on. just in this pic alone there were the big gray blocks for sliding or riding off of, a narrow flight of 5 steps just below the bush on the left hand side, the loading dock in the background, the handrail off the loading dock. the yellow curbs behind the blocks, a wallride just out of frame on the right and about a 30 foot wide, 2 foot high brick wall just out of frame on the left. I realize I'm thinking in 1990 terrain but all those "spots" are contained in about 60 square feet and made up about 1/30th of the whole school complex. the entire property was littered with skateable terrain on each side. ok, enough living in the past for today. thanks to John for sending those images. skate or die.