Monday, March 31, 2008

fdr/a very long bike ride

lately I've been stopping by FDR on my way back into the city. Friday it was empty which was nice.

Saturday morning I decided to bike to the Van Pollard's out in the 'burbs.

obviously I took a map so I wouldn't get lost

there were a lot of cool sights on the way out of the city but it was FUCKING freezing so I waited til I got a ways out before I stopped for some snaps

a look back at the cut

you can always tell a cowboy by their red sash

made it! Chris and Addison were doing just fine

Chris and I compared our maps for an alternate route back into the city

Addi gave her two cents as well

the Belmont Plateau

the Japanese House

headed west at the river toward Manayunk

a call from Dustin took me to the Vine St. Jersey barrier



couldn't ask for a better way to end a day

"C'mere Skillet head, pick two", "One, two" ...some things never gets old