Wednesday, January 04, 2012

skate daze/"what's the difference between F-stop and aperture again?"

Kyle was stoked, the old man was sleeping in so Lansdowne was a go this time.

The camera doesn't lie but, at least in my head, everything felt completely perfect.

Dave and I brushing up on our moves

not to be overly dramatic but there's this moment when you're really hauling ass, your trucks start shaking, you can hear the bearings spinning and the bolts rattling, you can feel every lump and inconsistency in the concrete and you know if you're leaning just an inch in the wrong direction, yer slammin'.

David and the wolf

back to the blue thing

"...5 Scooby Doo, 6 Scooby Doo..."


"We got this one bro."

getting out proved to be the Slim Jim stick of the day. (who remembers those?)

I forgot how precarious this fence was.

My favorite part was when my board fell off so I got to climb over and do it all over again. Fun!

"...the one person with hope enough for the whole world"...early-nineties hc comp?

organized solely to eat veggie-dogs for dinner

finally finished and developed some rolls from different cameras and different trips. This first roll was from a Konica I found at my parent's house which they hadn't used since the early 90's. The battery terminal was totally corroded. I used Coke, baking soda and a toothbrush to clean it out which did the job pretty well but it was still temperamental. I missed some good shots (at least in my mind while I was looking through the viewfinder) when the flash wouldn't fire.

All the rest are from 2 old Pentax's. 1 is from the 90's and 1 I believe is from the late 70's or early 80's. (and trust me I know absolutely no one gives 2 fucks about all this but I'm thoroughly enjoying screwing around with film again which I haven't done since college) Like the above shots from the Konica, you'll see they span many months. (do you like how I mention that fact like I'm the first person to have a roll of film sit in a camera for over a month?)
Remember the last Catskill trip? Well here's a pic from it of me learning to use the self timer, Matt training Harley to sit still for pictures and Chris taking a shit.

"The Hunt for Poet's Rock"

Barto family burn day

remember that really douchey scene from American Beauty where that doucher explains to Ghost World girl why he filmed a plastic bag?...that's all I could think of as I grabbed every single one of my cameras to take a pic of this sunrise.

Ray thought it would be cool to wait til the longest train in the world was gonna go by before we left the diner.

people like Brendan and the Lost Soul team give me faith in the future of the Valley's skate scene

10 dudes meeting up to skate? what is this? 1989 at Weis Bank?

this was a great day of skating

next roll

Matt salutes his shorts

downtown Leadville

frontside hip?...Matt's ollieing. Northglenn park was fun as shit. Whaddya got in the Octopus bowl?

center city financial planning

a horizontal shot followed by a vertical one of the exact same subject = true shutterbug behind the lens

last roll