Tuesday, September 21, 2010

bike ride sights/Valley day/Maryland

I'll start things off with an old one. probably like '83 or '84

Years ago Jim and I went to Europe and when we got back I made a zine about the trip. In Germany I came across this little bowled skatepark. Jim wasn't with me so when he read the zine he thought I made it up. I could never find anything online about it but recently some skate company posted a vid from their German tour and there there was one trick filmed in said mystery park. See Jim, I told you so.

blurb about the park in my zine. you can see the whole thing here

I got lost trying to avoid the heroin addict pacing the woods

finally found the Kelly Drive snake run. I'm gonna drain this and skate it

on top of the rock tunnel

then I found a secret Hell Track hidden in the woods

"hmmm, cherry picker or miami hopper?" Since I didn't have my ODI's I opted to just carve the berms.

Congrats to Sally and Luco!

The party continued at the Triangle.

Welcome to the rabbit hole Kyle, no turning back now.

back to the haunted bridge

Chaunce-1 gets up

it's shots like this that only reinforce Kim's hunches

Kyle and Dom had to see what all the fuss was about

K-town Mosh Krew, True Til Fuck You

then it was back to the beach! this one's for Ron. "Ya motta ska" (spelled phoenetically of course)

after we got our navel rings we had dinner

I think I got "Pencil Pusher"

man, first Rehoboth then sunsets...I swear Kim they're all just coincidences


here's where the LOMO recap begins. it's been seeing lots of action recently. too bad I always screw up when I load it. already lost 3 rolls. OCMD (site of Emmaus High School Senior Week '93, '94 and '95) Budget Beach RIP

whoops. Dave sleeping on his tide watch

the waves were insane thanks to the hurricane. you literally had to stay in the whitewater. anything past the breakers would have been suicide


you didn't really think we drove to MD just to lay on the beach did you?