Tuesday, August 31, 2010

randoms/weekend in Boston

"Everywhere I look, something reminds me of her."...movie?

sketch stance

A Place to Bury Strangers in the park. I enjoyed this show.

was hoping for this but no dice

Don, Dave and I went up to Boston for this. A weekend of skating, the show, more skating, eating, lurking and more skating was planned. Everything worked out perfectly. Big thanks goes out to Chad for letting us crash at his place and showing us around and Gina for the mini tour. Here's the state capital on the top of Beacon Hill. Unfortunately, Winchester's address was unlisted.

Play with our lives as if a toy Now you'll see the difference Through the strength of Oi Think we're pussys afraid to fight Then enter our pit and feel our might

Newburyport, MA. Saturday we met up with Nate "from Converge" and his crew for a session. A fun session with stand up dudes. I took a bunch of pics with my LOMO at this park and at Hyde park back in Boston later on that day but the whole roll came out blank. The second roll from Sunday and Monday came out though. They'll be at the end of this post. (between my old Sony Cybershot, my phone and now my newly reenstated Lomo, this gay blog thing is becoming harder and harder to keep in chronological order. Wow, did I just say blogging was hard?...1st world problems fer sure)

this is my cue to go for a walk

since the rest of the pics from this day were lost on that botched roll of film, here we are Saturday night. I opted for the terrace as the weather was too choice to be missed.

Good morning. It was kinda like I had my own room for the weekend

sunday morning sightseeing

Team Edward

finally met up with Kyle at the show. I was planning on getting my camera from the car for the last few bands but there was no reentry so no pics of Don's creepy crawl across the stage during one of Slapshot's finest.

here's a pic I found online just to prove I was there. Don is the guy right behind my head looking totally miserable.

then after the show, Don came through in spades with the belated birthday gift. the thought and offer cancel out the lateness. thanks bud.

Monday morning, everybody hung out in my room

...aaaand the summer of shame rolls on.

off to hit 4 parks on the way home. back seat navigation and laundry service

in the 90 degree heat, this sight was a given. no rest til you hit a frontside grind though.

with the 4th and final park of the day under our belts, Frank Pepe's was a no brainer. (rumors of Karaoke Ryan abounded, I definitely woulda said hello)

Don let his hair down. rightfully so, it had been a long weekend.

it felt as if we were gone for a month

and finally, from the roll that survived...