Tuesday, March 08, 2011

beach ramp/lots of old junk/Valley Forge ride/jock activity

burrito and milkshake night in west chester

the remote became instantly obsolete

Don assumes the position for driving through a quiet little beach town

i wanted lifestyle shots of Don and Dave kept fucking it up with frontside rocks

"About the Author" photo shoot for my upcoming novella, The Day the Skaters Died: A Tri-County Tragedy. Ron is already in talks for the film rights.

fun session!

off to brunch

the earth is flat meets you're only young once

"A man is never lost at sea."...book?

who brought the bail bucket?

closest we've come to band practice in a long time

dog walk on the mountain. the weather left something to be desired

about half way up i noticed my left foot was shifting with every step i took. a quick glance down revealed the situation.

I felt like Charles Ingalls in one of my favorite episodes of Little House on the Prairie (1:43 in). where's Jack Peters with a length of rawhide when you need him? (4:40 in)

at the summit

good walk. probably won't be back up here til April

down to the basement, into the shoe boxes.

me, andy, matt and a vicious Muddy

when Jugz was thug

Nigro asleep at the kit. (the girls always pow-wowed in the back at Scarlett's)

this shirt ended up in my wash basket when i came home from college one year. i was out on a ladder, trimming hedges in the front yard when my mom came out with it asking me if I'd care to explain anything. pretty sure i gave her the stock answer of, "Oh, we were just kidding around"

I traded a German exchange student that was staying with us 2 comic books for that Swatch. that broken boomerang in the background is autographed by a famous boomeranger who relocated to somewhere on South Mountain in Emmaus. (at least that's the story we heard when we were growing up)

remnants of some quality shows and flicks. beaded necklaces were all the rage in the EHS hardcore scene

Brian took this for a photo assignment. i think this is the last of my "I used to be able to ollie" entries. no other documentation exists, guess I'll have to learn how to ollie again. bleached hair, dad's old gym shoes, Jeremy's Turning Point longsleeve (trimmed to short sleeve) and Brian's chopper from the lowrider bike gang we had at KU. we'd meet every Thursday night and cruise town. Seph had a boombox strapped to the back of his so he could blast metal.

Russ was our neighbor on Noble St. and the quintessential Kutztown townie, RIP

Brian and Ron's At-At from the Halloween of '95.

Blindside at the 4G's. Matt, Spiro, Shayna, Briana, Pete, Dee, Kyle and Joe were there. Joe dubbed us the Raw Deal demo!

"Sneakin' around with the Wolfman, baby. This is gonna strike a raw nerve, Mama."...movie?

I went to the South Mall to buy a comic book and noticed a line of people by the vending machines.

He did an appearance at the Grape St. Pub when we lived in Manayunk. I got a Howard Stern 94.1 WYSP shirt too. stoked!

a true honor. (lower left corner)

technology has made road trips 500 times easier. first time I went to Oregon (scroll down to find article), all we had to navigate with was an old SLAP magazine with an article on how the northwest was getting a lot of concrete parks. 80% of them were "behind the Dairy Queen".

an example

Andy's bachelor weekend at the beach. We left the karaoke place when a lady asked the crowd to guess what she did for a living and Gleason yelled "whore".

the next batch are from Brian's big box of photos:
remnants of the "big" jump we had at Doe for a few weeks. this was for a project Brian was doing for a design class. the Division 23, Steve Blakely I was riding weighed about 8 times as much as the board I'm riding now.

late season '95 meant riding in jeans was totally acceptable

ha, a quick search led to this on Craigslist

for better or worse, this started it all. "Bring an Esse"

Brian, me, Mikey and Matt. judging by the location of this bank, we were probably coming home from a session at Fountain Hill. originally it said something like GREAT HOME LOAN PROMO, APPLY WITHIN. we couldn't resist. we got confirmation that it was up til at least late morning the following day. Nate snapped the pic.

this was one of my first sessions at KU as an actual student. I remember it well, it was Brian, Deck, Ryan, Andy and me. the deck was a Screw, I think they were out of New Jersey

SLUG ramp. I believe this was the third incarnation of the ramp. rumor has it Cab has a trick in this classic video section on the SLUG (although it probably wasn't this version). at one point we lived within 10 miles of 2 vert ramps and about 8 mini ramps; Martino's, Prater's, Vooz's, Reinhardt's, the Dorneyville spine, Mikey's, Schlaener's and the one in the Turnpike woods

physical fitness at Noble Street

our first year on sumac st. we sent out christmas cards. shot by Adam Wallcavage for a case of beer.

back to present day. everybody was looking forward to the weekend's forecast and I was no exception. "56 and sunny" turned out to be closer to "just above freezing with gale force winds" but it still felt great to go for a pedal. the Valley Forge loop was the order of the day.

once more unto the breach

currently looking into a summer rental

the historical-ness of the area called for the sepia setting

it was just as comfortable as I remembered

George Washington Memorial Chapel

I'm so glad the Continental Army weren't pussies. British pizza sucks. Alex's in Roxborough does not.

after fueling up with Dave and Kyle, it was time to skate

perfect leg stretcher

my shutter finger needed some calibration but Kyle was killing the corner on his first time there

we out

only the essentials

helping Kyle with his queue

soccer in west philly

felt awesome to run around. great game.

I guess cleats have to be more than once a year in order to get broken in

it felt much better monday morning...